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Standing by!


Jill Taylor

Jill joined the ROAVR team at the end of August 2016 as Matt’s Personal Assistant & Secretary.  She has a background in an administrative-clerical role having worked in the healthcare sector for just shy of ten years.  She is delighted to have been given the opportunity to work in such an interesting and exciting industry!

Jill will almost certainly be the first person you speak to when you drop us a line or an email!


Matt Harmsworth

Matt is the Managing Director.  Matt started ROAVR | UAS in 2013 after a career in environmental consultancy and tree surgery.  Matt is a manned aviator flying fixed wing out of Inverness when he can.  Matt is a qualified ground school and flight instructor for the ConsortiQ brand UAVAir and was a committee member of the Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.  Matt lives in the Highland Capital of Inverness with his wife Anne-Marie and children Connor, Summer and James.


Connor is Matt’s eldest son.  Connor has a great interest in film and photography and has been operating as a camera operator for ROAVR since inception.  Connor had his camera skills shown on several TV programmes before the age of 16.  Probably an industry first!  Connor enjoys riding motocross when he can.


Anne-Marie is a lecturer at Inverness College.  With a background in broadcast journalism and PR and marketing Anne brings a wealth of good ideas and a critical eye for detail to the team!


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