Drone Photography & Video

ROAVR have a specialised team for drone photography and video. Deploying from various locations around the UK we fly a range of dual control camera systems capable of filming up to 4k at 200 mbs and still imagery up to 36mp.

The team

All our drone pilots are fully qualified and our camera operators are experienced professionals in both media and film work.

Our camera operators are specialists with many years experience in their creative fields. In addition to our aerial expertise ROAVR have a range of Movi and Ronin hand held gimbal stabilisers and can provide ground shoot capability maximising your budget.

Low level aerial photography offers fantastic applications to a wide variety of projects, dynamic shots can be created from eye level to 400′ in a matter of seconds.

We are happy to be involved with technical reconnaissance visits at a fixed cost per day. We can instantly comment on the possible use of RPAS systems on your production live on the ground and feed back into the production team. We find this approach means any special permissions that may be required can be sought at an early stage.

Many enquiries revolve around the use of single or dual operator, ROAVR always prefer to deploy to site with a camera operator and a drone pilot as a bare minimum. We find this avoids disappointment and allows for those special dynamic drone moves to be captured perfectly.

Basic camera moves can be achieved with a drone set up for single operator but this is best suited to slow pans and general views.

Still photography can be single operator although in some cases an observer is required for safety.

MV Corinthian_July_2016_PR-2

Our work

ROAVR have worked for a number of production companies companies in the UK and TV networks including STV, ITV, BBC News, BBC Natural History Unit and Channel 4.  Check us out at for creative work.

“Even with the weather, the drone has picked up excellent quality shots. We would like to thank you and your colleague for your time and flexibility over the whole Ocean Valiant project.”

Diamond Offshore Drilling.

“Thanks again for your film yesterday. It looked pretty impressive. Please keep us posted if you’re planning anything else. “

BBC Scotland

“Great guys – thank you so much for all your great work.”

Big Wave TV

“Thank you. Great photos and video, thank you again for your help and patience with this job.”

Highlands and Islands Enterprise

We will share our work just as soon as it goes public! In addition we are CHAS accredited and 1st Option Safety approved.

The equipment

All our drones are built and maintained in-house.  ROAVR always deploys with at least two airframes capable of drone photography and video in case of breakdown.

Our equipment pack down into Peli cases and can be transported anywhere in the world. Our support network means we are confident in our ability to deal with logistics and customs worldwide.

ROAVR operate two DJI S900’s, an Inspire 1 Pro, an Aeronavics XMX4, an Aeronavics SkyJib XL and a Phantom 3 Pro.  But remember it is all about the sensor not the aircraft!  We have HD downlinks and DoP viewing monitors in all our vehicles.

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