Christmas is coming – or drone Armageddon if the press are to be believed!

December 9, 2014 10:12 am Published by

So, only a few weeks to Christmas now, and it would seem RPAS / UAV / Drone stories are popping up everyday in the main stream media.  Totally different to a few years ago!

So we’ve had the TJI Friday’s Mistletoes drone which was flying around indoors as an accident waiting to happen over unsuspecting punters.  Well, the accident has happened and a customer got hit in the face in the U.S. this week.  Nasty.  She was very lucky it was only a small cut.

But enough doom and gloom.  Hopefully you are all aware of the fact that if you are employing or instructing a company or individual to carry out aerial work then they need to be insured, qualified and have a permit for aerial work from the Civil Aviation Authority.  This is something that I feel so passionate about that I have got involved with the industry trade association ARPAS-UK.  If you have any interesting stories or boring questions please do get me at

There have been some positive stories this week and one that has caught our eye was this one from the BBC.  Balanced and fair which is great to see.

But what if you want to buy someone a small quadcopter for Christmas?  Are they secrete killers?  Of course not but you must be sensibly and fly in safe locations.  Timed for the mad seasonal rush the CAA have released a handy guidance note for consumers.  Read it, act on it and enjoy yourself and have a great Christmas break!

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