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Oblique Forest Aerial Imagery

Acquisition of high-resoloution drone imagery complements satellite imagery enormously.  We provide orthomaps, digital elevation models and 3D-models.  The lower flight altitudes compared to conventional manned aviation allows for the procurement of photos rich in detail and without atmospheric interference.

Hundreds and sometimes thousands of photos are stitched together to create high resolution orthomaps.  These orthomaps can be integrated into your GIS system and interpreted for analysis, planning and management.

Digital elevation models or DEM can play an important role in the analysis of forest systems.  They allow the determination of growth rates and can be used to detect changes.

Precision Hawk Lancaster
Fixed Wing UAV

3-D maps allow an interactive visual assessment of the topography of the landscape or canopy surfaces.

We use fixed wing drones to cover larger areas and also have the capability to call on manned aircraft with 50mp medium format sensors when required for those truly vast projects.  Smaller projects or those with limited take off and landing sites are covered using multi-rotor vertical take off and landing craft.

We can provide a wide range of imagery outputs for input and overlay into GIS datasets or can provide easy to interpret data for the non-GIS professional.

In addition we provide 360 degree aerial panoramic tours for a wide range of applications.  Examples can be seen on our 360Cities page.


A example 3-D land model
An example 3-D survey model, imported as a .kmz file and then exported from Google Earth Pro as an image.
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