Need to hire a drone company?

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Hire a drone company

So you need a drone company?

When you look to engage the services of a drone company to capture video it is important to realise we are not out to extort money from you!  We want you to have a great experience and get the shots you need.  Remember not so long ago a helicopter would have been the only option at £1000.00 an hour minimum.  Drones add fantastic production value but only if the budget is right!

When we ask questions about your project and the other cameras you’ll be using it is so we can manage the experience and get you the deliverables you need.

We at ROAVR have a range of drone systems.  Some of these have their own cameras embedded as part of the system.  These drones are predominantly prosumer equipment and can get fantastic results for midlevel productions, promo work and corporate videos.  Most only allow single operator and therefore the pilot will need to concentrate on flying the drone not concentrating 100% on where the camera is pointing.

These single operator systems are great for general views and basic moves but it is not possible to get dynamic camera moves and class a tracking shots.

For the best experience we will suggest a dual operator system with camera flexibility.  With these systems the high definition downlink often costs more than the prosumer drones!  The dual operator platform allows the pilot to concentrate on flying and the camera operator controls the camera independently of the drone through 360 degrees.   This allows for those Hollywood Blockbuster camera moves that you seek to be created.

So – when we suggest dual operator and a larger system after listening to your requirements it is not because we are trying to up sell, its because we want to avoid disappointment and build a good working relationship with you.

In addition to suggesting a solution to fit your budget and expectations ROAVR always deploy to site with at least one other drone capable of doing the job in case of breakdown, plenty of spares and a prosumer system as the final backup.

Buy cheap buy twice folks!

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