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ROAVR | UAS being based in the remote Scottish Highlands are well used to last minute deployments.  We have become experts at monitoring weather, planning missions and balancing client expectations with what can be achieved in this beautiful but sometimes hostile environment.

Just last month ROAVR received an enquiry from Grand Circle Cruises in Boston USA.  They were attracted by the favourable exchange rate to employee an RPAS company to obtain aerial promotional imagery of the cruise ship MV Corinthian.

The company provides high quality vacations for predominantly retired American’s visiting the Western Isles as part of a round the UK trip.

One of ROAVR’s team deployed with a small man portable system by air to Dublin where he joined the ship.  From there he travelled to Iona, Barra, and the Shetland Isles before flying home to Inverness from Kirkwall a week later.

The trip was a resounding success capturing the ship in a variety of beautiful places in perfect conditions.

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MV Corinthin Tobermory PR


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