Industrial Inspection – not just for drones!

September 29, 2016 12:46 pm Published by

ROAVR are specialists in Scotland for the provision of data collection platforms.  ROAVR do not just use drones to capture data but provide a complete solution.  That may include drones but more often masts and poles are the better solution.

ROAVR have a diverse toolbox including portable masts and carbon pole sets with dedicated high quality 3-axis gimbals with remote view capability.  We can inspect those hard to reach areas that would otherwise involve considerable expense arising through the deployment of MEWPS or rope access teams.


Our masts and poles have been uniquely designed to be user friendly, easily transported, lightweight with very rapid deployment, yet very strong.

Our gimbal heads are interchangeable and can take 24mp stills on a Sony sensor or record up to 4k video.


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