Condition surveys and Portfolio Projects

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Condition Surveys and Portfolio work.

ROAVR have been the first choice for condition surveys and portfolio work for a large number of clients including RWE, METKA and Qila Energy for a number of years now.  But what do we do differently?

Portfolio work – clients may have numerous assets spread throughout the UK and Europe.

ROAVR will plan the data collection using our bespoke management platform to ensure efficient deployment to best capture your assets.  Weather obviously plays a major part in this portfolio work and our management platform allows small changes in project order to be accommodated easily if you require the perfect conditions we always strive for.

Once the imagery has been captured it is backed up twice at our head office and editing begins.  Once the imagery is ready for delivery we can host this for you and provide instant on demand access.


Green Energy Battery Store

Anaerobic Digestor

Condition surveys – what do we mean by condition or baseline surveys?  Well this could be anything from environmental infrastructure such as moorland, woodland, river bed etc. or industrial such as green energy or utility infrastructure.

Following the data collection we host all the imagery on our bespoke platform which can be accessed remotely by you the client.  The imagery will be displayed with a google map base layer or street map depending on the survey scope.

This service has been utilised for clients such as The Kennel Club and multiple wind farm developers whereby before and after imagery is essential to the smooth running of the project from breaking ground to hand over.

Condition surveys can be geo-referenced oblique imagery or large scale orthomosaics.  To discuss your project with the experts please get in touch today.

Forestry Orthomosaic

Forestry re-space survey

Forestry re-space survey

One image of 5500 supplied for a wind farm condition survey

One image of 5500 supplied for a wind farm condition survey

 Please click on the imagery to see full size.

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