CASE STUDY – Industrial Inspection

Using remote piloted aerial systems capable of carrying a range of payloads ROAVR are able to inspect assets such as wind turbines, solar farms, buildings, industrial units, bridges and chimneys o provide up to date realtime data for you the client to assess the condition of your asset.

Why use a UAV? Well a UAV is rapidly deployed, reduces the need for work at height, can inspect assets live (saving on down time) and produces data that is repeatable and robust.  Remote an dangerous environments such as offshore assets can be surveyed with minimal impact and at significantly reduced cost.

In March 2015 ROAVR were commissioned to obtain up to date still imagery and 1080p full HD video of the roof of Inverness High School for the Highland Council.  This school roof dates back to the early 1970’s and is predominantly flat.  Coupled with the Highland weather the management of this asset is both expensive and time consuming.

ROAVR provided 24mp still shots of the heating stack to allow in-house inspection engineers from the Highland Council to make the decision whether to scaffold the building.

Industrial inspection

We believe UAV’s are a game changer for inspection works both terrestrial and maritime.  ROAVR are one of only two companies in the UK carrying CHAS and SafeContractor, with an in-house NEBOSH health and safety consultant we can slot into place quickly and efficiently.

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 “Even with the weather, the drone has picked up good quality shots. We would like to thank you and your colleague for your time and flexibility over the whole Ocean Valiant project.”

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