Drone Flights for Photographers

ROAVR have a specialised team for drone photography. Deploying from various locations around the UK we can provide a range of drone flights for photographers.

ROAVR can use our drones to carry your cameras and teach you how to operate the gimbal. We have several stabilisers such as MOVI, Gremsy and DJI which we can attach your camera to.

ROAVR often provide a single pilot operator and a drone to allow drone flights for photographers.

If you don’t want to fly your expensive cameras then ROAVR can provide camera systems to fulfil your brief from small compact camera systems to Arri and Red Epic movie cameras.

The equipment

All our drones are built in-house, it is rare we will use a commercially available ready to fly platform due to the inability to fix in the field. ROAVR always deploys with at least two airframes capable of drone flights for photographers in case of breakdown.

Our equipment packs down into Peli cases and can be transported anywhere in the world. Our support network means we are confident in our ability to deal with logistics and customs worldwide.