Benefits of Using Drones for Industrial Inspections

Why drones

Drones are merely the platform that carries the sensor into the air. Most drones are capable of some form of application within the industrial inspection area. However one must consider duration, redundancy and safety when planning a mission. ROAVR has a range of platforms suitable for industrial inspection, including a purpose built X-4 machine for use in the windy north Scotland conditions.

The benefits of using drones for industrial inspection are varied:

  • High quality data when you need, it months before planned outages
  • Experienced and highly capable staff backed by robust safe systems of work
  • No down time, asset stays operational during the inspection
  • Minimal health and safety issues, battery operated lightweight UAV’s
  • Emergency response service – deploy at short notice to your asset
  • Work with your staff to gain the information you need
  • High quality repeatable datasets allowing a time stamp to be applied on the condition of your asset
  • Ability to operate in environments and thus gain imagery that would not be possible from manned aircraft or on the ground
  • ROAVR advantage, safety guaranteed, fixed costs wherever in the UK you have operational assets
  • Stabilised GPS equipped aircraft, stabilised camera systems, EO / IR / THERMAL / NIR / LIDAR capability
  • Multiple setups kept to a minimum unlike scaffold, MEWPS or cherry pickers

Tall and complex structures can be inspected with ease. Structures such as oil rigs, platforms, towers and chimneys all present a danger to personnel, particularly when operations take place at height in hostile environments where waves, wind and weather place further demands on the individuals inspecting the asset.

ROAVR configure our drones to specific taskings and very rarely use off the shelf solutions unless the tasking is a very simple one where cost savings can be passed on to you the client.