Quality Driven Aerial Data.

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A data-driven package that encompasses multiple payloads delivered from rotary and fixed-wing UAS.

Circumspicio delivers survey grade data for standalone interpretation or integration into secondary datasets and asset management platforms.  In conjunction with a well-established land survey company, Circumspicio delivers aerial data with sub 5cm absolute accuracy with a ground sampling distance down to 1cm.  Move from time-based decision making to data-driven decision making.

Circumspicio can be used to map areas up to 1000ha before ROAVR advise using their manned platforms.

Circumspicio provides both VTOL and fixed wing payload delivery options for tight sites. Circumspicio allows for an extended visual line of site operations using a CONOPS approach that is risk-based and robust.

Options now exist for the collection of aerial data like never before.  A pipeline to BVLOS operations.  Let ROAVR collect and manage your data with Circumspicio.

  • Survey
  • Mapping
  • Thermal mapping
  • Hyperspectral Mapping
  • Asset Management
  • BIM modelling
  • LiDAR
  • Infrastructure Assessment

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