Drone Building Surveying

Using drones for building surveying

Using drone for building surveying de-risks planned operations, fulfils the criteria for reducing the need for work at height and creates a repeatable robust data set.

Inspection at height is required for a variety of purposes. This ranges from dilapidation surveys, roof inspections, planning applications and panoramic virtual reality tours.

ROAVR has carried out hundreds of inspections saving our clients thousands from their inspection budgets. Fragile structures can be inspected without putting staff at risk and the cost of deploying mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPS), cherry pickers, scaffold or roof crawling boards is drastically reduced or removed all together.

Our inspection clients benefit from the ROAVR assured packages. These packages are based around a framework agreement so you can be assured of a fixed cost repeatable service wherever your site maybe in the UK or abroad.

ROAVR can supply live downlinks and work with your inspection engineers in our dedicated support vehicles. Your engineers are the experts on your infrastructure and can guide the inspection in real time. Data can be supplied on landing or within a few hours following basic editing.

ROAVR has strategic partnerships with RICS qualified surveyors and can provide detailed reports in-house if required.

ROAVR has years of experience working within the UK Planning system and can provide a one stop shop for aerial imagery, tree surveys, Phase One Habitat Surveys and Invasive Species surveys.


  • High quality data when you need it months before planned work programmes commence
  • Experienced and highly capable staff backed by robust safe systems of work
  • No down time, asset stays operational during the inspection
  • Minimal health and safety issues, battery operated lightweight UAV’s
  • Emergency response service – deploy at short notice to your asset following storms / high winds
  • Work with your staff to gain the information you need