Drone Land Surveying

Using drones for land surveying

Using drone for land surveying is becoming an increasing must have. The immediate and reliable collection of high-quality aerial imagery and a variety of industry standard image processing options give the ability to gather aerial imagery faster, more accurately and more cost-effectively than satellites or manned aircraft.

ROAVR uses long duration fixed wing and rotary wing systems for drone land surveying. These fixed-wing drones can stay aloft for up to 60 minutes and cover around 600 hectares per day. For still oblique imagery we use stable vertical take off multi-rotor platforms.

In addition, 3D models can be created for a variety of monitoring, promotional or survey purposes.

ROAVR offer services for a wide range of sectors, these include forestry, heritage and estate in partnership with a land survey company.  ROAVR know the difference between relative and absolute accuracy and can deliver surveys using drones, fixed-wing manned and rotary aircraft.  This includes options for LiDAR.

Orthophotos –

ROAVR’s platforms acquire hundreds of vertical images on each flight. These images are processed using  specialist software to produce high-resolution orthophotos. Orthophotos are aerial photographs with a uniform scale similar to a map.

The orthophotos can be geo-referenced to a known coordinate system (such as OS National Grid) and overlaid on existing data used in Google Earth or independently. Imagery can be supplied in formats compatible with GIS, CAD, Google Earth or printed in large format

Aerial photography is supplied at resolutions up to 2.0cm/pixel much higher than off the shelf options that can be years out of date and accuracy in the XYZ axis of less than 10cm using RTK, GCP’s or PPK.

Oblique photography –

ROAVR drones can be flown up to 121m and capture high quality still images in any direction including a full 360 panorama. The resulting imagery is stitched in specialist software to create seamless high-quality images. Using onboard GPS positioning these images are repeatable allowing for site or construction monitoring.

Deliverables –

ROAVR can relive the following:

Geo Tiff, jgw, point clouds as LAS and PDF for contours, KML tiles, and many many more.  Additionally we can host externally large geo-tiffs and allow for interpretation online saving our clients valuable storage space and machine RAM.


Flood risk surveys
Storm damage report
Archaeological site recording
Historic building surveys
Coastal erosion surveys
Ecological surveys
Forestry management surveys
3D modelling

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