Using Drones for Engineering

ROAVR are a team of subject matter experts that carry out inspection, surveying and media work for a wide range of industries.

Using Drones in Engineering

At ROAVR we deploy our drones for use within th engineering environment. Drones can be used to collect a wide range of data to support your engineering project.

From initial site surveys producing up to date aerial mapping, to construction timeline fly throughs to provide up to date project data to investors.

ROAVR advantage

Our team provide rapid cost effective monitoring solutions to the engineering sector. ROAVR combine pilot skill with platform capability and the right sensor for the job to deliver real tangible data to our clients on time.

Our services can be used to support traditional ground based survey teams, we have in-house CAD ability that can feed into the design and build process.


ROAVR were commissioned by RWE Renewables to support the large scale engineering project that replaced the low head pipeline at Dolgarrog Power Station in North Wales. This project involved looking at trees and vegetation that threatened the pipeline. Our aerial assets saved many hours on foot on steep terrain thus de-risking the operation.

We identified a number of dangerous trees that threatened the pipeline and delivered the data and report to the client within hours of flight completion