Using Drones for Utilities

ROAVR are a team of subject matter experts that carry out inspection, surveying and media work for a wide range of industries.

Using Drones for Utilities

Using drone for Utilities de-risks planned operations, fulfils the criteria for reducing the need for work at height and creates a repeatable robust data set.

ROAVR advantage

Our team provides rapid deployment or planned deployment for drone use in the Utilities sectors. Large runs of power lines and pipelines can be inspected timely and efficiently at vast savings over manned aviation.

ROAVR can provide skilled teams that can operate in and around powerlines, pipelines and industrial plants backed up by robust health and safety control measures and safe systems of work.

Long range beyond visual line of site and extended visual line of site operations are possible. ROAVR can offer you the client assured legislative compliance and a commitment to deliver the most up to date information and services available.


  • Reduction or elimination of working at height
  • Minimises exposure to live circuits
  • Minimises site visits
  • Faster inspection time compared to traditional methods
  • Fewer setup costs
  • Live inspection avoids the cost and inconvenience of shutting down
  • Pre-maintenance inspection ensures optimal resource allocation
  • Defect standard agreed in advance with the Client
  • Rigorous inspection and audit process