Using Drones in Construction

ROAVR are a team of subject matter experts that carryout inspection, surveying and media work for a wide range of industries.

Using Drones in Construction

ROAVR provide a wide range of services using drones in construction. ROAVR provide the following services to construction:

  • Pre-build mapping and site photography for support in the planning process
  • High level view plotting to demonstrate views from yet to be constructed windows
  • Site monitoring and aerial and ground based time lapse photography
  • Marketing photographs and video
  • Construction project fly throughs
  • Ability to operate in environments and thus gain imagery that would not be possible from manned aircraft or on the ground

ROAVR advantage

Our team provide rapid cost effective monitoring solutions for drone use in construction. ROAVR combine pilot skill with platform capability and the right sensor for the job to deliver real tangible data to our clients on time.


ROAVR were commissioned by Trenport Investments to visit a large Construction site in Kent to deliver time-lapse video, photography and construction site fly through’s to present to investors.

Our video and photography enabled the client to give a unique perspective to this sizeable project supporting traditional ground based techniques. ROAVR were able to provide unique angles on several aspects of the project including views of the twin large coffer dams.

This CDM site would have been challenging for many operators but ROAVR’s background in health and safety consultancy enabled us to get our teams on site swiftly and complete the project in two days.