Using Drones in Oil & Gas

ROAVR are a team of subject matter experts that carryout inspection, surveying and media work for a wide range of industries.

Using Drones for Oil and Gas

Using drone for Oil and Gas de-risks planned operations, fulfils the criteria for reducing the need for work at height and creates a repeatable robust data set.

ROAVR advantage

Our team provides rapid deployment or planned deployment for drone use in the Oil and Gas industries. ROAVR operate can operate on shore or off shore from support vessels minimising the disruption to the asset.

ROAVR provide skilled teams that can operate in and around complex assets such as oil rigs and wind turbines backed up by robust health and safety control measures and safe systems of work.

ROAVR have in-house oil and gas industry experts with many years off off shore and onshore experience behind them.


  • High quality data when you need it months before planned outages
  • Experienced and highly capable staff backed by robust safe systems of work
  • No down time, asset stays operational during the inspection
  • Minimal health and safety issues, battery operated lightweight UAV’s
  • Emergency response service – deploy at short notice to our asset
  • Work with your staff to gain the information you need