Using Drones in Surveying

ROAVR are a team of subject matter experts that carryout inspection, surveying and media work for a wide range of industries.

Using Drones in Surveying

ROAVR provide a wide range of services using drones in surveying:

ROAVR deliver highly accurate topographic data combined with high-resolution aerial photography and orthoimagery.

Using drones in surveying is a major leap forward in the acquisition of land survey data.

ROAVR provide the topographic and visual information you require to improve decision-making while reducing costs, saving time and improving safety. With fixed-wing and rotary drone platforms, sophisticated software and extensive land surveying experience, our survey service is unique.


Large areas can be surveyed safely and swiftly. Hazardous areas can be overflown and imagery collected without danger to staff. Improved decision making, our aerial imagery is up to date and repeatable allowing the planning team to make crucial decisions with the latest imagery available.

ROAVR have in-house CAD ability, a complete start to finish service can be provided. Off the shelf data sets can often be several years out of date.


ROAVR were commissioned by one of the largest forest management companies in the UK to collect aerial imagery of several large forest blocks in North Wales. This data was fed into the clients GIS and planning systems.

While on site we were able to switch task at short notice and inspect areas of hazardous wind blown trees that would have taken many weeks to inspect on foot. This time stamped data can be revisited annually to assess the progress of the wind blow and the effect this will have on harvesting operation and potential returns.