Our Clients

Who they are

ROAVR has a range of highly valued clients across the world. Here is a cross section of the household names ROAVR have worked for.


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Why they choose us

Our clients choose us because we have an exceptional level of health and safety compliance. We are CHAS accredited in addition to the usual CAA requirements. We have an in-house NEBOSH qualified health and safety consultant who oversees the production of all RAMS.  But above all else we are trustworthy and perform.

Our clients choose us because our pilots undergo currency and competency training over and above what is legally required and will not be deployed to your site unless they have at least 10 hours operational experience in that arena.

Our clients choose us because we have real experience in real world scenarios. We always deploy to site with two airframes capable of carrying out the mission and have a smaller backup machine with a similar sensor in case of emergencies or for collecting general views.

Where we operate

ROAVR operate across the U.K and sometimes much further afield! That is why our clients choose us, we have a capability to deploy rapidly anywhere in the U.K at short notice. Whether that be a roof inspection for the Kennel Club in Warwick or a construction fly through in The Channel Islands ROAVR will be there.

Our office support team can be found organising permissions and carrying out administrative work often while teams are en-route. Jill Taylor can be reached at the office on 01463 223753.


ROAVR use a range of unmanned air systems to get sensors in the air.  Additionally we have accessed to manned fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.  Using Circumspicio we can capture aerial data in any situation.

We run a portable workshop on site for extended taskings. We supply our own power, spares and tools to site to get the job done.

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