Drone Training

ROAVR are a team of subject matter experts that carry out drone training worldwide.

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About Us

Our capabilities extend worldwide and ROAVR offer cost effective UAV Consultancy with legislative compliance and support assured.

Our UAV consultants come from a variety of backgrounds including manned aviation, air traffic control, military, oil and gas and survey and inspection. You can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality most up to date advice in an industry that is moving at a pace not seen since the Wright Brother’s took to the skies.


Our key team of UAV consultants have been consulting in associated fields for decades. Whether you are looking to start a business in the rapidly expanding film and video arena or have a specific project you require advice on ROAVR’s UAV Consultants can help.

Con Ops

The Con Ops (concept of operations) approach to UAV operation has evolved from a military approach and is now being widely adopted worldwide. We can advise on the best way to approach your operation and how best to integrate into the territorial model that you operate in.
Be that Africa, U.S.A or Birmingham UK.

ROAVR has within its team individuals with over 30 years experience operating in the security field delivering projects in the most hostile of environments.  We welcome any enquires.


ROAVR’s team fully assess your intended scope of operations and look for the sensor that will best fit your requirements whether that be thermal, electro-optical or a combination load. We have links into various manufacturers worldwide but no commercial relationships so you can be sure our advice has your best interests at the centre.

ROAVR have been involved in a variety of projects supported by a range of strategic partnerships that enable us to deliver projects worldwide on budget at short notice.

We can supply staff and systems into country for covert and overt operations at relatively short notice for both line of site and beyond line of site operations. We can use commercially available mapping for autonomous missions or create our own maps in country.

CAA Approved NQE Training

To use a drone commercially (for what the CAA calls ‘Aerial Work’) you must hold a UK Civil Aviation Authority Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO).

We have partnered with UAVAir, the premier CAA National Qualified Entity, to offer you this training course nationwide. UAVair offer one of the few courses available in Scotland with a venue in Perth.  Using instructors who reside and operate within Scotland.  A real bonus.

The UAVAir team is second to none with a mixture of current airline pilots and the some of the most experienced commercial drone operators in the industry.

Uniquely you can complete the CAA approved UAVAir course in only 3 consecutive days – including your flight test!   Simply select your preferred venue below to see a list of dates of courses running at this venue.  Then click to book directly with UAVAir.

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