CAA Approved Training

Drone training in Scotland


To use a drone commercially (for what the CAA calls ‘Commercial Work’) you must hold a UK Civil Aviation Authority Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO).

We have partnered with UAVAir, the premier CAA National Qualified Entity, to offer you this training course nationwide. UAVair offers one of the few courses available in Scotland with a venue in Perth delivered by teams from ROAVR so you can be assured of local in-depth knowledge.

The UAVAir team is second to none with a mixture of current airline pilots and the some of the most experienced commercial drone operators in the industry.

Uniquely you can complete the CAA approved UAVAir course in only 3 consecutive days Рincluding your flight test!   Simply select your preferred venue below to see a list of dates of courses running at this venue.

To become part of this exciting industry consider becoming a member of the Trade Association, ARPAS-UK.